Is this a squad you look forward to
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  星欧平台编辑报道,I would like to say in the entertainment industry more female star that must be Zhao Liying, xiaobian is her loyal fan, from her famous lu Zhen legend began to pay attention to her Xiaobian friends do not chase stars, but the only thing he likes is Zhao Liying, because she comes from the countryside, there is no impetuous and eager for quick success and instant benefits, is to step by step down-to-earth YingBao acting in circles is really can find on the league, and drama starring her basic fire, the acting is good for this reason that I want to work and her actor is really handsome ah, from Mr Chen to wal, from updates to the yi-bo wang Lin again, which one is level as in appearance, YingBao really is a male god harvester, small make up I envy

   I didn't expect that she suddenly released her wedding photo Although she was photographed with Feng Shaofeng before, I really didn't expect that they could get together Yingbao has already had a baby, as the saying goes, a mother is just Here just to backtrack a, it's not, just small make up see said li-ying zhao birthday this year two people would hold a wedding in Bali, bridesmaids Zhang Bichen, OuYangNaNa, Andy and finisher zhang hanyun, best man group is to let person envy, William, li yi feng, queer and updates, Lin wu small make up found that in addition to li yi feng, the other three groomsmen co-operated with YingBao, really is the fate, I don't know the situation of the wedding day will be how? I'm really looking forward to it After all, this is the most important and beautiful moment in every girl's life Blessing!

 Zhao Liying

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