Nineteen years later
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  星欧平台编辑报道,Do not know the friends after 90 still remember the star that chased after in those days? The photos were not in high definition, so they look dated now Small make up remember at that time the most popular combination to the Fahrenheit sea and SHE, even now, now see them I can still think of the days of those people chasing stars Back then, Ella had short hair, was a tomboy, straight and handsome, and Selina and Hebe were elegant girls Ella tweeted at 9:11 on the 11th, because it was the 19th anniversary of their debut, and tian was going to release a new MV at 11:00 Chen Jia-hua's short hair was tied up in the video to commemorate this special day with her lovely son The timing of her tweet was also very careful

   Nineteen years of time, they were growing up, ren xuan before because of the shooting burns, divorce has got married, it is really cruel for a girl, ok, she survived Tian Fu zhen in the music on the road more walk more far, "Chen jia hua stay up long hair, patience taught son, 19 years ago they just 19 years old, I think they are also very lucky, this time as well as you met each other like-minded partners, so they hand in hand through ups and downs, although all things must come to an end, but I think this friendship is forever, this is the best memories in the youth, in their mind, They are irreplaceable Everything is the best arrangement, I hope they can survive the hardships of life, you are superstars!


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