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  星欧平台编辑报道,When it comes to Zhang Xinyu, we are all familiar with it, this is one of the female stars I envy Jenny and 15 say that romance is vigorous, the heart-shaped stone don't know how many people are to follow, but they still didn't go to the end, after Jenny met husband alex ho, now they know on a variety show, now look at the program can be found that may be her husband at the time of her love Zhang Xinyu's husband is a military officer, and he is very handsome I think she is really lucky to meet such a person who can be entrusted with her whole life Watch out Jenny enjoy the marriage, married her on the screen is not common, what a close play also have no, in front of the public has become a practical beauty hutch niang, her own food, make dessert, take dozens of dollars buy hair dye hair color, even envy other small lovers can make small video anytime and anywhere, so she let me feel very grounding gas

   A military wife accused Zhang of being A soldier's wife of being in the public eye In fact, these accusations are totally groundless Zhang responded with domineering attitude Not long ago, she gave her opinion on why female celebrities struggle to lose weight She admitted that pictures of her previous fat days were often ridiculed and that she felt she had to be in the top three, urging people to eat what they wanted while trying to control their weight I think she's found a way to live her life

  Zhang Xinyu

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