What does Huang Xiaoming think of 41-year-old Qin LAN's beauty?
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  星欧平台编辑报道,In the entertainment industry is the most not lack of beauty is the big beauty, but to really can beauty out of their own personality beauty, it has to say that there is now a 41-year-old Qin LAN Compared to other entertainment like the female star with romance hype, Qin Lan feels particularly clean, will not be tied to anyone love hype, even once had a relationship with her famous huang xiaoming came, after breaking up with huang xiaoming, she never mentioned huang xiaoming, in public as if there is no this person, don't rely on the growing popularity of huang xiaoming, Let your popularity explode It can be said that 41-year-old Qin LAN can struggle to a first-line position in the entertainment industry, all their down-to-earth came over, is worthy of respect for a clean and dedicated female star

   Not long ago, Qin LAN was invited to participate in the micro-blog night, qin LAN at the event scene is wearing a light blue pengpeng strapless dress, looks like the taste of Princess Elsa However, at that time, Qin LAN did not deliberately do modeling, but with a small volume of hair, leaving a head of air bangs appeared in the activity, looking very random That is so casual, smile was touched the hearts of the audience, to say the event Qin Lan looks too young girl, whether it be stunned by her beauty, her lively temperament, the sense that gives a person is not in accordance with a 41 year-old female appearance, completely is a little girl seventeen or eighteen, see such Qin Lan, Completely think impossibly huang Xiaoming is what aesthetic in the end, so amazing girl can be lost by him, in the face of qin LAN now he really won't regret it?

 Qin lan

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