Bai Jugang officially announced his marriage
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  星欧平台编辑报道,In 2013, Bai participated in the contest of Super Boy, and became famous and established his own place in the singing circle However, compared with Hua Chenyu, who participated in "Fast Boy" at the same time, Bai Jugang is still very low-key Even though his works often appear, he seldom appears in front of the public He always presents his best works to everyone In early 2021, brilliance and Zhang Bichen was spread the message of having a baby, transfixed countless eat the melon masses, compared to bless more doubts, many netizens even said "run with ball dog blood plot didn't expect to happen with brilliance of yu", because of this melon pulp people dizzy, today, the brilliance yu still pay for the melon, People and resources have plummeted

   Bai Jugang was much happier than Hua chenyu On January 8, Bai announced that he had married his wife, who was sweet and lovely and had a little temper They lived a happy life together It can be said that Bai Jugang's official announcement is true to affect the hearts of countless fans If he suddenly said "Yes, we have a child" like Hua Chenyu, it is estimated that fans would not trust the singer from "Fast Boy" anymore, right? However, it is interesting that bai jugang and the same time "Fast Boy" players, basically for Bai Jugang to send blessings, except Hua Chenyu, in the end do not want to rub the heat, or afraid because of Bai Jugang things, let the netizens think of the melon at the beginning of last year? We don't know why, but in any case, we hope that Bai jugang and his wife can make love and live a happier and happier life

 Bai jugang

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