I was attracted by Zhang xincheng's smile
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  星欧平台编辑报道,The more I get to know him, the more I find that I like Zhang Xincheng, not any role he plays His character showed me more of him, but the essence was still him Like Zhang Xincheng, also like his role, like his steadfast and steady, like his courage to face themselves In fact, I sometimes think that he is just like ordinary people, not a bit arrogant because of being famous, very humble Zhang Xincheng is a person who likes him and hopes to become as good as him He wants to cheer with him He just feels real Learn something from him: learn new things at each stage, accept your own shortcomings, slowly change, not impetuous He has his own clear goal, will step by step, steadfast to do his duty Zhang Xincheng will be the motivation for me to persevere through the difficulties

   No one succeeds by chance, and his existence makes me eager to try to become better I think the meaning of idol is probably like this When he chases his light, I will look at him and chase my own light I'm more inclined to think that he's always glowing, and this time he's seen by more people, whether it's the halo on the outside or whether it's him glowing In short, more people see him, he will be better and better, there will be more and more people see him in the light I was attracted by his smile and boyish feeling, and I found out that he was really good and an all-rounder He really enjoys acting and I believe he will be a good actor

 Zhang xincheng

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